Life at FGEC

First Green Engineering is a team with many different interests, skills, and expertise. Together, we are trying to shape a future that is both sustainable and inclusive for people and communities. Over a decade of building an organization where employees are the core of development, First Green Engineering has more than 100 employees, including 20 design consultants, 50 construction experts, and 30 professional staff, trusted by more than 50 partners globally and at the same time expanded its scope to add 01 construction company and 01 factories.


Dedication to the community, and to the country is the driving force in our sustainable development journey. Every piece at FGEC understands that no matter where you are, how well you live is as important as how hard you work and the joy in your journey is the measure of your success.

Growth Career

At FGEC, your expertise will be recognised, your opinion valued and your passions supported. Our reputation and a global portfolio of clients in the industry ensure that every individual has the opportunity to hone their skills and build new skills through collaboration and unlocking their inner potential. Our commitment to recruiting talent ensures that everyone learns from each other and provides opportunities for growth as new challenges arise. From competitive, fair wages to comprehensive benefits, working with First Green Engineering enables sustainable personal and professional growth.

Internship Program

During internships at FGEC, interns have the opportunity to contribute and collaborate with project teams, valuable industry relationships, and learn new skills from a variety of fields and categories. together. Through learning and companionship, our interns gain a deeper understanding of the work we do. Our goal is not only to influence interns but to inspire them to create a better, more creative, and more curious generation.

Culture Community Growth Career Internship Program

Your happiness and well-being determine First Green Engineering's success. We want people to be healthy and have the financial resources and support they need. Here are some of the benefits you can get, depending on the role of each position:

Whether you are a newcomer or a senior, all your efforts and achievements are valued and received commensurate value.
Competitive salary and profit sharing based on work performance and achieved business goals. 13th-month salary and annual salary increase policy according to the contribution and progress of each employee.
Health insurance and a periodical health checkup. Regularly organized sports activities to improve physique for employees.
are regimes for employees and families according to company policy benefits on women's holidays, your wedding, and your birthday each year are just some of the ways we help you balance what's most important to you.
Work environment
Work environment
Participate in sports activities, skills classes, environmental, and community campaigns. You can work and enjoy life in a gentle, motivating environment.
Create conditions and support for cultivating knowledge and improving degrees and professional certificates.

We look forward to becoming one of the leading electrical experts in Vietnam and reaching out to the region. With the goal set out, we always build an organization where all employees are the key to development. For our current recruitment position, please see below.

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